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About Miss Jacqueline Forde

>> Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jacqueline Forde has discovered her passion for design and its impact on today's growing society.

With expiditious home developments and everchanging human expressions, the need to simplify but bring forth an enhancing space is essential!

After purchasing a second home, Jacqueline Forde felt an overwhelming desire to style her own interior. She has been continually praised for her creative and classic work; transforming her home into a true reflection of her individual and God-given talent.

This quickly translated into working on family and friends' homes and word of Jacqueline's exquisite and alluring interiors quickly spread and since has extended her services....Metropolitan and beyond! Driven by excellence, dedication and a commitment to authentic style and sophistication, Jacqueline aspires to make her clients vision an

Alluring Interior!


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