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{My Virtual Birthday Event!!}

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

So, with my birthday being last week...I was busy shopping for the "Real" Event and didn't find any time to blog!
To my surprise, when I did finally log sneaky little ones decided to blog on my behalf.
And what a fabulous post they did...I absolutely loved it.
Thanks girls


I also wanted to Thank everyone for the wonderful birthday blessings... My Blackberry didn't stop all day and my facebook, well that's another story!
So, I'm throwing a Virtual Birthday Event...and your all invited!!

The Invitation

via:Flickr ~ Pretty in Pink Crafts

The Venue...Love these chairs!

The Appitizers

Dimsum & Bacon wrapped Tomatoes

Main Course

And, for dessert...Birthday cake, of course!

Signature Drinks

And what kind of Hostess would I be...If you didn't go away with the ultimate "Swag gift?!"

Via: Flickr

Thanks for coming out to my Event!!


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