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{...and just a bit of turquoise to top it off!}

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I found such a fabulous blog...just dedicated to the colour turquoise! I absolutely love the colour and have fallin' in love with this blog...Check it out...House of Turquoise...I could spend the entire day there. Take a look...I hijacked a few photos, just for you...That's if you dig the colour! But hey...don't take my word for it - Go ahead and check her out!

Ciao, doLLs & kEnS!


  • Erin

    Thanks so much for the link-love!! I'm so happy you found my blog. I knew there had to be other turquoise-lovers out there like myself when I started it! :)

    Love that cupcake, by the way. Too pretty to even consider eating!

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