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{Feel Good Friday!}

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

I was tagged by A Townhouselady's speak the truth...HaHA!!
Here truths!

I had 1 real boyfriend....and I married him!

I'm a mommy x the best kids EVER!
{You gotta love my 5 year olds "peace out" sign and pouty mouth...But, hey listen they are all equally drama QuEeNs & kiNG! God, I love them!}

I hate wearing high heels, but continue to...cause they make me look fierce!

I don't like hard liquor...but I love me some wine!

I'm not big on desserts...but a girl would kill for some cheesecake!

I don't own credit cards...If I want something, it makes me want to save to get it. {Not always the best plan...sometimes it's gone! lol!}

Sometimes I procrastinate...but when I put my mind to something, you better believe it's the bOmb!

I didn't obtain my driver's license till I was hubby enjoyed driving me around...but moving to the suburbs made me want it real bad!

This one is funny...I still have 5 baby teeth, that were too lazy to fall out. The dentist says "looking in your mouth I would think I'm looking in the mouth of a 11 year old!"


Now enough truths...take a look at these thoughtful awards!
These ones are from Frump's Findings...Mimi, thanks a bunch doLL!
I enjoy a good read over at Mimi's...her twin boys are always on an adventure and are the cutest thing EVER! You gotta stop by and check them out...

I would like to pass these award along to Adrienne of Mustard Seed Collective. Wait till you see her blog...Tailored, Sleek and Fab-U-lOuS! Gotta see it!

I also received a the lemonade stand award from Sweet as a candy...Federica, thank you, gorgeous! I think if you haven't already, you must go check out her blog...The title says it all...Sweet as Candy!

I would like to pass this award on to Suzzette of What I wore today.
Make up Extraordinaire...check her out!

Sunshine and Bubblegum - KATIE'S PERSONAL BLOG

ConGraTs, Katie...You are the lucky winner of my 100 post giVeaWay!
Please email me with your mailing instructions and info.
I appreciate all the comments and hearing what inspires each and every one of you...Thank You!

Wow! That was alot to get through...I hope you all got it!
Wait one more thing...I have a very special guest blogger tomorrow...

Ciao doLLs & kENs!


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