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>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

So, remember I told you I had a special guest blogger...Well, here she is...Ashantee daughter! So, proud!

Text ColorWhat are your blogging inspirations?
my mummy inspired me to do the whole blogging, after i started helping her out on her blog, i found interest. She said "you should get a blog? This seems something you would definitely be in too" "And i bet people would love your blog" and she was right i had about 13 blogs, until i deleted most, lol.

What would you like us to know about your blog, before visiting?
I love gossip, and to dish out on celebrities outfits, so if you are also in to that, you should totally check it out. OhEmGee! Gossip

when i get my followers, i will post everyday (: and that's a promise.

What is your favorite hobby or past time?
Sitting on the computer for endless hours (: hehe, there is so much do between twitter-to-blogging talking with friends, listening to new songs, uploading your new pictures, i never get bored with the computer, never. I am also a bit of a nerd...I love to read an always learning more about computers and html codes.

What item can you not live without?
my ipod <3 i can't live without my music, i always have it attached to my hip (: treat it like a baby, i don't know what i would do if i lost it!
Although not an item...I can't live without my mummy...What is this...a trick question?

Who is your favorite shoe designer?
My faveeee shoe designer is Pastry by: The Simmons Sisters because I really love sneakers and I love mostly all their kicks, and i have a few pairs myself.

I would now like to award Ashantee with an Alluring Inspiration Award...As well as the Creative Blogger Award from the Sugar DoLL Collection! Enjoy doLL!

Thank You, Asha Baby...for being my special guest blogger and allowing us, the readers and I a chance to be In your Shoes!
Click Here For: OhEmGee! Gossip


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