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Remember MJ

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The memorial held for MJ today was so amazing! The wonderful tributes were Off the wall and made everyone Come together to Say, say, say...You were there, Another part of me and others wanted us to Remember the time...His Human Nature made us realize We are the world and forced us to view The man in the mirror. Speechless was the way I felt as some sang tribute...Thank you...You rocked my world! There is no doubt that MJ was...Gone too soon!
Check out these awesome tribute cupcakes that I totally had to hiGhjaCk from Check out her blog...It is filled with such "Sweet Treats" So...yummy!

Ciao, doLLs & kEnS!


  • Ebony Intuition

    r.i.p Michael and Farrah..

    Those cupcakes look great.

  • Ms Cupcake

    Thanks for the link and the shout out! Have a super Thursday.

    Dropping by from sits and blog hopping.
    Ms Cupcake

  • Anonymous

    M.J's memorial was so beautiful. I was worried it might be a bit much but it really wasn't. So sad but it was lovely to hear all those stories about M.J, he sounded like so much fun to hang out with!

    Thanks, I was so happy with how my looks turned out and I never am. I can't wait to get the touched up photos!

    Have a great weekend, x.

  • Monique

    Its sad to see 2 great ppl pass and many before and after as well.

    As for MJ I always thought he was immortal so his passing was definately a shock. I know he is at peace now and I pray his children are in good hands. May god watch over them.

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