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>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey doLL's & kENs...Sorry I've been a bit weak with my blogging this week...I have been working real hard on completing my second last project for my Interior Decorating Certification...I will be trying to complete it by weeks end...Then I'll be back in full effect! I will be around to check out your blogs over the weekend and leave you some love...I will introduce a new guest blogger tomorrow for my "In her Shoes" segment...She's totally fabulous! Until then...Ciao doLLs & kEnS!


  • Anonymous

    Congrats girl!! You will feel great when you're done. Where are you going and how do you find the time? Always wanted to try and get mine but don't have the time to sit in class. Looking fwd to your future posts.

  • Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    Totally understand, but can't wait until you post again! Your hard work will pay off in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that's amazing. I didnt know they had a degree prgm for that. That must have taken you a long time since most degrees are at least 3yrs or at least mine did. I would assume your doing it part-time. You go girl!! well if you can't blog as much as we'd love for you to keep us in the loop with your success in acheiving your degree.

  • Alluring Interiors

    You`re absolutely right! It`s in fact a certification program...So, I should have wrote...Interior Decorating Certification. I have been doing it part time, but I`m almost done! Thank God! I`ll keep you all posted on my progress!

  • Vivaciously Visioned

    Love the lil drop note - very cute! Keep working hard babe - you will be done in no time and we'll move to the next adventure...see you there!
    Luv ya always

  • Elite Home Decor

    Aaah Jacqueline
    you will get it!! All the hard work will pay off. I am so far off right now to finish it feels like I never will :)

  • Nicki C

    Good to hear!!
    I look at your work and wonder what else could you do? Everything seems perfect. Have you learned anything new since taking the course or just reinforced what you already knew? I have thought about taking it but didnt know what I could learn that I wouldnt achieve from experience. Once you have obtained your certification whats next on your list of success?

  • Alluring Interiors

    Nicki C...I really had to laugh when I read your post! The funniest thing is my first 4 modules I read all the course materials and references guides and knew exactly what had to be done...Well my 5th major design project...I read absolutely NOThing! I did my project and just handed it in...I'm waiting for it to be graded and I'll keep you posted...I feel this industry is part fundamentals and part talent or gift for some! So, as it stands I've achieved three A-'s & an A on design project #4...I'm hoping to continue on the excellence path...and when all is done I will post pictures of all my design projects...I enjoy continuing education (weird, i know!) and I like to go to alot of seminars...I think I love receiving the! Next on my list...hummm, I'm considering Real Estate...I'd love to get old run down homes, restore them, stage them and then sell them!! I'm doing the research on this right now. I want to thank everyone for all your kind comments and support! xox

  • Krazy 4 Kolour

    Hi Jacqueline,
    I have come across your blog while doing some research on Haverhill and noticed you're the admin for the FB group. I was considering taking the course simply with hopes the content would be detailed and I would get all the info I need to get me on my way. I noticed that you mentioned that you are taking an Interior Decorating Certification and wonder if you yourself took the Haverhill course and needed/wanted more. Would you recomment taking the Haverhill course or the Interior Decorating Certification as you are now? I guess I should ask what role you play in Haverhill if any at all.

    Thx for putting together such a great blog.

  • Ms Cupcake

    Congrats on your personal enrichment. You come first! Good luck on your work!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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